Residential Internet Plan

Only $50/Month!!!

Currently, we offer one plan tier.  Check back later for new plan information! 

Plan Costs


(That’s it…Seriously)


$50 Installation

Plan Features

50 Mbps


15 Mbps


Low Latency

No Data Caps

No Throttling/


No Long-Term Contracts



No Equipment


Free Support

Internet Neutrality

Privacy Oriented

How it Works


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Schedule an installation

We will contact you to negotiate a good time to come out to your property. 



We will come out to the property for the installation of our equipment.  You will sign all of the required paperwork before the installation begins.  Don’t worry; it isn’t much!  First, we will confirm that the wireless signal is good.  We will install a rooftop radio and a J-mast (what consumer satellite dishes and broadcast TV antennas are mounted on).  An Ethernet Surge Protector will be installed before the cable enters the home.  Ethernet and grounding cable will be routed down the side of the house.  The Ethernet cable will then be routed inside the home to an Ethernet wall plate.  The ground cable will be bonded to your utility ground.  We will then hook up your home wifi router to the Ethernet wall plate.  Don’t worry; if you don’t have your own router, we will supply one for you at no extra charge.  We will then test a wired connection to confirm that you are getting the speed that you are paying for. 



You are ready to go.  At the time of installation, you will pay for the installation and the first month of service on a prepaid basis.  You can elect to pay monthly or for the entire year.  If you ever have any issues, please notify us.  We want to ensure that you have the service that you are paying for.  Keep in mind that I started this business due to the distaste I have for the big internet corporation duopoly that exists in El Paso, TX. Unlike the big corporations, I cannot afford to lose my customers due to poor service.  I want your internet service to be what you expect and deserve.