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Lee Wireless was conceived in the year 2020 to put an end the near-monopoly that large corporations have held in the ISP business for quite some time.  To benefit our customers, our business model shuns the conventional norms that large ISPs live by.  Lee Wireless proudly offers internet service plans that are fairly priced and described in honest terms. 


Some of the benefits of switching:


  • Our plans are flat rate.  No Price Increases.
  • No deceptive promotional rates.  The rate stays the same.
  • We require no contracts. 
  • No Taxes or Fees. 
  • We don’t charge leases on equipment. 
  • Simple payment options. 
  • No data usage caps. 
  • No throttling. 
  • We do not sell your information to 3rd parties. 
  • And more…