About the Company

      I came up with the idea in 2020.  It was far-fetched at the time.  I was having my first child and it seemed like I would not have the time or money to dedicate to such an endeavor.  However, the opportunity was too valuable to pass up.  I was a huge fan of the way Vivint set up their network and was sad to see them sunset their Internet business.  It left most of El Paso with only a few viable high speed Internet options, none of which are what I call affordable. The status quo has changed with Lee Wireless entering the market.  

      I, along with most Americans, have a severe distaste for the dishonest advertising and pricing schemes of the big corporate internet providers.  They offer enticing promotional offers, sometimes with cash cards as a bonus.  While this may look like a sweet deal, in the fine print they state that the pricing only valid if you bundle other services, increasing the monthly rate.  The fine print further states that the monthly rate increases after the first 12 months or so, leaving you with a bloated internet bill.  Let us not forget all of the miscellaneous taxes and fees!  On top of all of that, the speeds they commonly offer are more than what the average customer will ever use with no option to pay less for reduced speeds.  Lee Wireless believes that it doesn’t have to be this way.  We believe that prices should stay honest, affordable, and consistent with plans that better suit the needs of the customer.   

     The way it works is simple.  Our Internet is fiber-backed and distributed through wireless technology.  As we expand, new repeater and base homes will be set up to accommodate the demand.  We keep prices low by avoiding commercial telecommunications towers and rejecting copper-based distribution cables.  Why lease expensive towers when you can use customer rooftops absolutely free?  Why dig up the roads to lay cable when you can use electromagnetic waves?