Q: How to you offer lower prices than the major ISPs in the area? 

A: While making a profit is important to any for-profit company in a capitalist economy, Lee Wireless wants to make it simple and affordable too.  We do not have the added costs that typical large ISPs incur, such as call centers, fleets of vehicles, tons of employees, and thousands and thousands of miles of buried and above ground infrastructure that require maintenance. 

Q: Why don’t you offer faster speed plans? 

A: We are starting our company from complete scratch.  Getting a network built that can handle 100 Mbps (even though hardly anyone will use that much speed) is considerably more difficult than starting with 50.  We do want to offer 100 Mbps in the future, but for now, we are starting simple. 

Q: Why don’t you offer slower speeds for customers that do not use the internet often? 

A: We wanted to do that from the beginning, but found it unsustainable.  We want to do that in the future, such as a 20 Mbps down/5 Mbps plan.  Give us time to build up our network and you will see more options such as this in the future. 

Q: Do you offer service in my area? 

A: Check out our Coverage Map for that information.  You can also contact us here with questions.   

Q: Are there any contracts? 

A: Not in the sense that you are used to with the larger ISPs.  We do not force you into contracts that stipulate that you must stay with us for a certain duration.  However, we do need to be able to retrieve our equipment when you cancel or fail to pay for service.  That would be the nature of any contract you sign with us. 

Q: You say your monthly rates are flat.  Will you raise prices like the major ISPs? 

A: That is probably the most important question asked!  Yes, when we say the rate is $50/mo, that is what you pay.  Nothing more, nothing less.  No promotional offers!  We will NOT raise rates arbitrarily.  The only reason we would raise rates would be due to increased fees and taxes that may come into play in the future.  We don’t mind absorbing small tax or fee increases, but all it takes is one rogue piece of legislation to pass at any level of government!  For example, if we are forced to pay into the Universal Service Fund (USF) in the future, that will necessitate a rate increase.  The USF for 1Q 2021 was 31.8%.  In the event something like this occurs, we will give plenty of notice to our customers so no one is shocked when it finally hits the bill.  On the flip side, we are big fans of reducing rates.  If we are able to do so, we will. 

Q: What if you add new plan tiers in the future and the rate schedule changes as a result?  Will my rate be grandfathered? 

A: It depends.  We’ll see when that happens.  If your legacy rate is more than a new lower tier rate, we will certainly make sure your rate is reduced in the spirit of fairness. 

Q: How is your network set up? 

A: Our network is fiber-backed.  From our fiber terminations, we have high gain sector antennas that offer a blanket of coverage to select areas, similar to a cellular tower.  We prefer to use client roofs to expand coverage in order to save on recurring costs.  Tower leases are expensive!  The only copper we use is from your roof CPE radio to your Wifi Router in the form of CAT5e/CAT6 cable.  Select volunteer homes will be used as repeater homes to expand coverage beyond our initial reach.

Q: What is the installation cost for? 

A: Especially since we are a small business starting from scratch, getting just once house set up will cost much more than our installation charge.  It covers the cost of all the customer premises equipment we use during the install, such as the roof mounted radio, antenna mast, the cable, associated hardware, etc… 

Q: What if I have trouble with my connection? 

A: Contact us immediately, preferably by email.  We will get to the bottom of whatever your connection’s ailments are.  No, we do not charge for service calls. 

Q: If I cancel service, do I get to keep the equipment? 

A: No.  We will remove all equipment, less the antenna mast base and some cables that are anchored onto the roof and wall.  This is to keep the roof and wall sealed from water ingress. 

Q: Do you sell my information? 

A: No, we DO NOT sell your information.  We are in the business of providing internet service.  If we cannot make a profit doing so, we would rather fold than resort to selling information to advertisers and the like.  We respect your privacy. 

Q: Are there any other ISPs like yours in the area? 

A: Yes, there are; however, they are NOT created equal.  Some are great.  Some specialize in long-distance rural applications only.  Some offer ridiculous prices.  I will not even mention those.  We do not view any of these companies as rivals.  I actually have a profound respect for the likes of Southwestern Wireless; and in particular, JackRabbit Wireless.  My plans for Lee Wireless was already well in motion when I discovered the existence of JackRabbit.  They espouse the same ideals that I do.  Therefore, if you are in their service area, I wholeheartedly recommend them!