Terms of Service

The following agreement is to be read before requesting service.  By continuing past this page by clicking “I agree”, you agree that you are at least the age of 18, are the homeowner/tenant, and to the terms herein.  If you disagree with the terms, or have questions about the terms, click disagree and it will return you to the homepage.  If you currently have service with Lee Wireless and choose to not abide by these terms, discontinue use and request to have Lee Wireless equipment and service removed immediately. 

The following agreement was drawn up with the intent of it being short, readable, and fair to the consumer.




When requesting service, a Lee Wireless employee will physically come to your address and to give the said employee full access to the roof of the home for testing purposes before permanent equipment can be erected.  An adult (age 18 or older) must be present during the installation process. 

Lee Wireless will refuse service if the exterior or interior areas of the property is unsafe.  It is at Lee Wireless’ discretion whether the property is safe.  Unsafe properties may include but are not limited to: threatening animals, children at play, and unsafe surfaces. 

Once it is established that the property can be provided adequate service, Lee Wireless will install a j-pole or other suitable mast as well as a radio/antenna on a suitable mounting surface (roof, siding, etc…) and run CAT cable down from the mast to an entry location.  Masts shall be bonded to service ground by way of existing copper plumbing or at the electrical meter.  CAT cable will be provided with a surge protector before entry into the building.  A hole will be drilled for CAT cable entry and an Ethernet/wall plate will be installed on the interior wall at the cable entry. 

Lee Wireless will recommend Wifi Router placement and assist with the initial configuration but it is incumbent upon the client to install customer equipment and route interior wiring as needed. 

Lee Wireless is not responsible for network issues that occur after the Ethernet Jack that is installed on the interior of the building.  This is the responsibility of the customer. 

Lee Wireless installs equipment and cabling using standard industry practices.  Lee Wireless is not responsible for damage to the building or equipment due to deliberate damage.  Homeowners Insurance should be relied upon for these situations.  Lee Wireless will replace faulty equipment free of charge if it is determined by Lee Wireless that the failure was not the fault of the customer.  Repairs linked to deliberate damages will incur service charges. 

No one other than Lee Wireless employees shall tamper with the antenna, radio, or any other installed equipment.  The antenna has an extremely small beam width so even subtle changes in alignment may cause service disruption or degradation.  Repeated re-alignment or other repairs due to tampering will result in service charges. 

If roof/building repairs are needed (such as roof replacements), Lee Wireless will temporarily remove the equipment and reinstall it when building repairs are complete free of charge. Lee Wireless is not responsible for service disruption during this time. 

If an object is erected or a tree grows into the path of the wireless link, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Lee Wireless for possible relocation of the antenna.  Lee Wireless will determine feasibility of a relocation and will conduct the relocation free of charge only in the first instance.  Subsequent instances will result in service charges.  Lee Wireless is not responsible for performance issues resulting from the temporary accumulation of ice/snow on the antenna. 


Cancellation of Service

Cancellation can occur at any time without any financial penalty.  If cancelled during the month, a refund for the prorated amount will be issued to the customer.  This refund will be withheld if the customer refuses to allow the retrieval of Lee Wireless equipment from the property. 

Early cancellations of service for plans that are paid at the discounted semiannual or annual rates will be refunded the prorated amount less the discount value. 

Upon cancellation, the customer agrees to allow Lee Wireless employees to enter the customer’s property to retrieve equipment within seven days of cancellation.  Lee Wireless will retrieve the antenna/radio, surge protector, and power supply.  If a Wifi Router was issued, Lee Wireless reserves the right to retrieve it as well if the service period lasted for less than one year.  Lee Wireless will leave cabling and the antenna mast base plate installed to preserve a waterproof seal. 

If the customer refuses to allow Lee Wireless personnel access to the property for the purpose of retrieval of Lee Wireless equipment, legal action may result and additional fees will be charged. 



Lee Wireless offers plans on a prepaid basis.  Normal billing periods are monthly, but may also be semiannually or annually. 

Initial payment is due once the installation process is completed.  Initial payment includes the first month’s service charge as well as the installation fee. 

Subsequent bills will be due on the first of each month.  Failure to pay the bill on time will result in service suspension.  Service will be restored only when the outstanding bill is paid in full. 

If a customer fails to pay a bill and does not make any contact with Lee Wireless and Lee Wireless cannot make any contact with the customer within one month, Lee Wireless will proceed to terminate the Service and attempt to retrieve equipment from the service address. 

Customers will set up an online account where payments can be made securely by credit or debit card.  Alternative payment methods such as cash may be made as well.  Arrangements must be made with Lee Wireless before installation begins. 

Lee Wireless does not process payments.  A billing portal is used for invoices, billing, ticketing, and data usage statistics. 

If any billing issues arise, contact Lee Wireless for potential resolution as soon as possible. 


Service Plans

Advertised speeds are “up to” and not dedicated connections.  This means that while Lee Wireless makes the best effort to offer the advertised speeds, these speeds are not guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Lee Wireless does not currently offer enterprise-class dedicated connections at this time. 

Actual throughput and latency (as seen on end-user devices) may not be at the advertised rates.  This is due to many factors, such as network congestion, weak Wifi signals, interference, and even the fault of the end-user device.  The best way to test the Service is to plug a computer into a physical Ethernet port on the main Router and run a speed test. 

Although Lee Wireless does not want to raise prices and would in fact prefer to lower prices where possible, financial pressures may one day force the company to change existing plans and rates.  Existing customers will be grandfathered into their existing plan and rate.  If a customer cancels/changes (or Lee Wireless terminates due to non-payment) a grandfathered Service Plan, only the current plans can be chosen. 


Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Lee Wireless Internet Service Plans are to be utilized solely at the street address in which the Service has been set up.  Under no circumstances is it permissible to resell or otherwise share Internet Service Plans with other households without explicit permission from Lee Wireless. 

It is solely the customer’s responsibility for protecting their network.  Lee Wireless is not responsible for anti-malware, firewall, or other protective measures for the customer network.  Lee Wireless is indemnified from any issues arising from an improperly protected network. 

Lee Wireless will take any action necessary to protect its network from any harm.  Lee Wireless also reserves the right to restrict any person’s use and access to our network or services for any reason, with or without notice. 

Customers will ensure no attempts will be made to access the Lee Wireless internal network.  Furthermore, customers will ensure that the device connected to the wall jack (called the edge device; usually a Wifi Router) is connected via the WAN port ONLY.  Any attempts to access the Lee Wireless internal network or misconfigured edge device that disrupts the Lee Wireless network will result in the immediate cancellation of service and legal action may be pursued. 

Lee Wireless Internet Services are to be used for lawful purposes only.  Illegal activity on the Lee Wireless network is strictly prohibited.  Examples of illegal activity include copyright infringement, illegal obscene content, cyber crime, etc…  Lee Wireless is indemnified from any claims concerning your illegal activities while using the Lee Wireless network. 

Lee Wireless must comply with any lawful requests by Law Enforcement when presented a court order. 

Lee Wireless will make every attempt to minimize outages.  Lee Wireless will attempt to notify customers of upcoming outages due to maintenance or upgrades to equipment or infrastructure.  The typical window for these planned outages will be between 0300-0500 hours MST. 

If the customer chooses to switch the device (usually a Wifi Router) that connects to the Lee Wireless wall jack, the customer must notify Lee Wireless of the new device’s MAC address immediately.  If a new device is connected to the wall jack without notification, Internet connectivity will be lost until the new MAC is programmed on our network.  This is not a problem and can be taken care of almost instantly on Lee Wireless’ end.  There is no charge for this. 

Lee Wireless makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, concerning the use of our network unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this agreement. 

Lee Wireless is not liable for anything that results from the customer’s breach of this agreement. 

Any litigation that arises between you and Lee Wireless shall be conducted locally in El Paso County, Texas. 

This agreement is supreme.  Therefore, it supersedes any other agreement between you and Lee Wireless, whether in writing or verbal. 



By clicking “I Agree” below, you agree to this agreement in full and wish to continue to request service.