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Privacy Policy

Data we do collect:

  • Customer name, address, email address, and telephone number


Purpose of collection:

  • Installation/removal service, tech support, and billing. 


Financial Data:

  • All financial data (credit card and bank account information) is not stored by Lee Wireless.  Online payment is conducted through our 3rd party billing company, Stripe Inc. 


Browsing Data:

  • Lee Wireless does not sell or otherwise share any customer browsing data with 3rd parties.  We respect the privacy of each end user’s Internet experience.  With that being said, Lee Wireless does not inspect packets, log browsing history, or conducts any other sort of customer tracking. 
    • Lee Wireless must abide by US Laws and Regulations; therefore, Lee Wireless must comply with lawful federal, state, or local warrants and/or subpoenas pertaining to the illegal Internet activities of customers. 


Changes to Privacy Policy:

  • Lee Wireless reserves the right to change the terms of this privacy policy at any time without notice. 



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